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Valuable Blessings, Inc. is an all-inclusive local 501 c(3) non-profit organization working to provide Higher Education, Spiritual Empowerment and Entrepreneurial/Leadership services amongst our adult and youth community- while simultaneously enhancing and formulating customized and tailored events and programs against violence.


VB Services:

*Tutoring (virtual and face to face)

*Senior Citizen services

*Anti-Bullying program

*Community Resources (clothing, food, employment)



*Volunteer Opportunities

*Community Service hours

Mission Statement

The mission of Valuable Blessings, Inc. Nonprofit Organization is to intervene and counsel at-risk, off-track, economically disadvantaged youth with a variety of services, including mentoring, cultural awareness and academic enrichment programs by creating an organizational paradigm that eradicates the negative attitudes and low self-esteem that permeate the minds of so many of these at-risk youth.


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Valuable Blessings, Inc. will provide a safe-haven for 40-50 latchkey and low-performing youth in a fun-filled recreational setting. Our programs are designed to not only encourage learning, but to improve self-esteem, self-awareness while fostering a team attitude in a familiar environment. The results will be lower truancy rates and better academic performance in addition to better performance at home.  The primary goal of our organization will be to augment and support the training and academic skills that our students receive in school on a daily basis as well as the morals that are instilled through at home parenting.



~District Heights

The Glow Up event
~Ft. Washington, MD

Lycretia Davis
~Oxon Hill, MD

The Blessings Project blessed me by assisting me with my groceries one day. They just randomly walked up and gave the cashier money to go towards my food. What they didn't know is that I was literally paying for my food with some of my rent money so that blessing was right on time. THANK YOU!

I have to send a heart felt hug to Lee Junior,Mig, Roz, Tony and Maj... Each of you made this event extraordanary.

Because of your natural ways, you impacted those that attended!


The testimony that speaks volume to what we do is, the fact that Roz took time to speak to one of the rising Queens and supported her by listening to her is amazing.

The teen opened up about her personal challanges


and I followed up today and the Family Justice

Center will be able to assist her with the majority of her needs!

I can not thank the men of this program enough for what they have done for my son. He has had so much fun with the guys and is bringing his grades up in school.

Kathy Moore

~Upper Marlboro, MD

These girls are so amazing, having young girls be interested in reading and encouraging others to read is wonderful!

~Caleb Jennings

Alexandria, VA

My daughter had written a letter talking about not wanting to live anymore because of the cruel kids at school picking on her. I reached out to the YAE team and they have been assisting me as well as my daughter. They went to the school and met with the staff, came to my home and put together a plan and have been mentoring my daughter. I am so grateful for this program. I don't know if my daughter would be here if they had not stepped in. MANY THANKS!!

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