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KB Development is owned and operated by Kelly Biggins.  Kelly is a certified paralegal with over 15 years of knowledge in residential and commercial real estate, litigation, corporate business, insurance defense, family law, will and estates, criminal and civil law.  Being employed in the legal field has helped her gain extensive expertise in forming business entities, developing contracts for businesses, creating business plans and plan of actions.   Hearing the needs of several entrepreneurs who were very driven but had no clue how or what to do to start their businesses, led her to create her own business consulting firm, KB Development.  A dedication to cultivate and expand the minds of entrepreneurial individuals, Kelly decided after 20 years to go back to school and obtain her Master of Business Administration to ensure she could provide the best practices for her clients.  She is fully determined to help entrepreneurs follow their dreams to build their legacies.  KB Development is unique not just for the knowledge in the business field but for the legal expertise that will further aid entrepreneurs on their journey to creating strong businesses that will last for years.  Believing firmly in paying it forward, Kelly provides her clients with the personal freedom to make their goals achievable, attainable and expandable.  

Coach 2 Mentor is an organization that was established to help bridge the gap for our youth between academics and athletes.  We also are an advocate for the youth whereby we establish solutions to negative behaviors and self-esteem building for the entire family.

We service today's youth in becoming tomorrow's leaders by getting involved in all aspects of their lives through one-on-one mentoring, family home visits and school visits.  We have orchestrated programs that allow the youth to build confidence on and off the field; challenge their talents and abilities and encourage them to thrive in all aspects of life.

We know that in today's society, families are challenged with the pressure of making a lot of sacrifices for themselves as well as their children.  Sometimes, as parents we feel like giving up, but we don't.  Coach 2 Mentor helps empower the family by partnering with them to discover alternative solutions.

IT TAKES TWO, INC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of young people and increasing the opportunities of youth in  Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, and the greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. Our mission is to enhance the educational experiences for young people from single parent households by awarding scholarships to address a variety of basic as well as expansive educational needs. It is our goal to promote the significance of education, build self-awareness, and encourage our youth; ultimately creating tomorrow's leaders today.

Valencia's World is a conglomerate of 5 businesses that were birthed to help others in different ways. The services vary from....

*Personal Training/Nutrition




*Family & Individual therapy

*Business Management and much more...

Lauryn’s Law, Inc is a nonprofit organization that advocates and provides support to youth suffering with Mental Illness. Our goals are to bring awareness to depression through education and resources by offering a safe environment for young people in crisis, to share their voice and be heard

It is our mission to break the silence of teen suicide by fostering positive relationships and encouraging open discussions between teens and the community.  We believe the community and schools play a critical role in the prevention of teen suicide so we will achieve this through a variety of educational events and programs.  The David J Cobb Foundation will bring awareness to this epidemic by providing the support and resources needed to end the stigma and being the voice for those who suffer in silence.

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