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In 2007 my younger brother Dwight was murdered by a 17 year old young man in the neighborhood he grew up in. The day he died I had to make a decision to be a part of the problem or to be a part of the solution. My brother told me several times before he was murdered that he did not want me to be angry if/when someone brought harm to him because of some things he has done in his past. I decided to be a part of the solution and channeled all of that energy into something positive. Valuable Blessings, Inc was birthed to provide the youth in our communities with positive outlets, programs and events to keep them off the streets as well as to provide their immediate families with the resources and support needed to keep them focused.

My brother and I had discussed starting several programs before he was murdered. He himself did not have a high school diploma so he wanted to start a GED prep program that could help people prepare for the test. I took it a step further and not only did we start the Enhancing Our Minds GED Prep program but we also started the Enhancing Our Minds Tutoring program. These two young ladies have assisted with keeping these programs effective and running smoothly.

Janice Pringle

    GED Prep

Program Leader

In Memory Of:

Dwight Smith Jr.

Jaleesa Newsome

 EOM Tutoring

Program Leader

To learn more information about our GED Prep or Tutoring program please send a email to

Valuable Blessings, Inc's Administrative Team


Valencia Clipper-Davis

Valuable Blessings, Inc 

Chief Executive Officer/President


Lisa Lucas

Valuable Blessings, Inc

Personal Assistant to CEO

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