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Salt & Pepper Senior Citizen Services



To assist our senior citizens with their day to day needs by offering our services as well as helping their fulltime caregiver.


To provide a little relief to fulltime caregivers. We would like to assist the senior citizen as well as the caregiver.

About Us:

When Valencia and Kelly met in 2011 they had no idea how similar their lives were, but more importantly they had no idea how they would play a role in changing eachother's lives. Over the years the two became extremely close and exchanged their love for their now deceased grandparents and the roles that they played in their upbringing, soon they would have discussions about how they would love to do something to give back to their loving grandparents to thank them in their own way for all they did and they came up with the idea of the senior citizen services program that would allow them to provide their services to those independent seniors that may need just a little assistance as well as provide help to caregivers so that they can find more joy in caring for their loved ones in their most vulnerable days.


*Meal Preps- We will come into the home and prepare a meal for the day or for the week to lighten the load of the caregiver.


*Run Errands- We are available to make grocery or pharmacy runs.


*Hair Care- We will come in and assist with washing and/or styling the senior citizens hair.


*Home cleaning- We will come in and clean up around the house to lighten the load of the caregiver.


*Sit in- We are available to come in the home and simply sit and watch tv with the senior citizen or read a book to them while the caregiver takes a nap, a shower, fix something to eat or JUST BREATH.


The above services are the services that we currently offer, however we will be adding to our services in the future.



If you are interested in any of our services please send an email to

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